Pipelining: building talent communities

by workforceplanner

Workforce Locator™ serves recruitment companies such as staffing agencies and RPOs who source talent for their clients. Workforce Locator contains categorized data helpful to all those involved in professional recruiting who build talent piplelines.

These links below representing two postings from The Seamless Workforce, a blog by Yoh (technology staffing company, RPO) emphasize the value of building pipelines:

> Pipelining

> Sourcing is ultimately the key to a successful RPO program, especially when highly skilled, degreed, or certified professionals are required to fill open positions. When this is the case, most firms realize that they can’t depend on a soft economy to create an environment where the employer has all the power. With hard-to-find skills, this is simply never the case — no matter what the economy looks like. As such, in 2013 the markets will demand more aggressive talent community development and a greater focus on sourcing and pipelining. This will possibly become a breakout market segment that exists on its own but intersects with RPO.


> Talent pipelining without a workforce plan: Rabbit’s foot or four leaf clover?


Additionally, here’s a snippet from a Business Insider article that refers to IBM’s use of big data for their own pipelining needs:

> By mashing them together IBM’s big data consultants determined dozens of patterns, Dietrich said. Ultimately it helped IBM “look into sales pipeline” and determine “six months from now, do we have enough java programmers in Bangalore, enough [technicians] in Utah, enough database administrators in Zurich? We can start hiring and training in advance,” she said.

> http://www.businessinsider.com/ibm-big-data-to-manage-workforce-2013-6