Report says “high growth” companies invest in mobility programs

by workforceplanner

Workforce Locator™ provides efficient functionality for many different workforce planning objectives – i.e., organizational expansion or consolidation, and helping to determine the feasibility of investing in mobility programs.

According to a survey released today, “high growth” companies employ a higher percentage of mobile workers and there seems to be a significant disparity in numbers reported for those companies versus the companies “experiencing low growth”.    

The source reporting this information is a press release by a company unrelated to McFrank & Williams’ Workforce Locator:

Growing Companies Invest More in Their Mobile Workforce

8th annual Total Employee Mobility® Benchmarking Report shows high growth companies invest more per mobile employee

WATERFORD, Wis., Sept. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The 8th annual Runzheimer International® Total Employee Mobility® (TEM®) Benchmarking Report released today shows that companies with high revenue growth (greater than 10%) invested more in their mobile workforce than companies with little to no revenue growth. High growth companies invested an average of $11,779 per mobile employee, compared with an average of $6,527 for low growth companies. The report also reveals that high growth companies employ a higher percentage of mobile employees than companies experiencing low growth. The results illustrate that mobility programs and investments are a key ingredient for growth.

More than 85% of survey participants reported ‘improved employee productivity’ after implementing enhancements to their mobility programs. Additional key findings of the survey include:

Companies using an expense management automation solution spent an average of $2,775 less per traveler than companies using paper-based reporting

Domestic relocation program spending increases are anticipated by 36% of respondents in the next year with 12% anticipating a ‘substantial increase’ in domestic relocation spending

Mobile device policies are not present in 37% of respondents’ organizations

The 2012 Total Employee Mobility Benchmarking Report, in its eighth edition, is published by Runzheimer International, the global leader in workforce mobility programs. It covers key areas of employee mobility including Business Vehicles, Business Travel, Mobile Device Management, Domestic Relocation and International Assignments.

“We’re pleased that the survey findings show that many companies recognize the need for and have implemented solid mobility management practices,” said Greg Harper, President and CEO of Runzheimer International. “The survey findings also demonstrate the opportunity for low growth companies to reevaluate their mobility management programs to ensure the right policies, processes, and investments are in place to enable growth. Our annual mobility report provides all companies the opportunity to measure their mobility investments and understand program performance relative to their peers.”

“Growing companies are investing more in mobile employees, and it is paying off,” Harper added. “This theme is consistent with prior survey findings, but it has never been as evident as in this year’s results.”