Top U.S. Cities for techies; how is your city ranked?

by workforceplanner

Workforce Locator™ provides ammunition to build talent pipelines. For instance, to attract top tech talent you should offer competitive compensation; if your location is perceived as an obstacle, the comp packages can include relocation fees. By identifying tech hubs around the country and noting gaps between tech wages and non-tech wages, you’ll have the data to help you plan appealing comp and relocation packages. Citing the data in your recruitment messaging can help you attract the talent you need ASAP and assist you in building talent pipelines.

Scroll to the link for a slideshow from CIO dot com:

Geek America: The Top 10 U.S. Cities for Technology Jobs

By Diann Daniel

Take a photo tour through New York, Silicon Valley, Boston and the rest of America’s leading cities for high-tech jobs.

Which cities are the best for technology workers? The American Electronics Association sought to answer that question by analyzing U.S. cities on a host of factors, including which have the most tech jobs, which have the best tech job growth, which cities have the highest tech salaries, and which techies make the most money compared with their non-tech counterparts. (You’ll have to look into dating life and such on your own.)

So without further ado, takes you on a tour of geek America, arranged by which cities can claim the most high-tech jobs. (Click here to find out more on methodology or to weigh in about what makes the top high-tech cities great—or terrible.)